Monday, August 5, 2013

Hair for the people

A few months ago I was in a depressing state of ‘growing-out hair’. I’d done it to myself, no less. But I had the distinct feeling of losing the inherent coolness that comes with having a great hairstyle.

I’ve been working the bob for about a year now thanks to the wonders of Matt Forsman. He gives good bob. But every time I’m just a little bit apprehensive about what the bf will say – he’s one of those silly ‘pretty-girls-have-long-hair’ guys (to which I am veritably defiant).

I’ve tried to have long hair before but every time I do it just looks sick. I don’t have the capacity for long hair and I’ve officially given up on it, much to bf’s despair. So I was delighted last year to find Matt’s services, as I talked about here.

Since then, Matt’s gone rogue and opened the newly refurbished Matt Forsman salon. The minimalist yet comforting environment is testament to Matt’s innate sense of style. Set in the heart of Wellington in the trendy Edward Street precinct, there’s an industrial glamour to the salon that makes you feel perfectly at ease, while receiving an indulgent pampering.

I put great pride in having a hair style – it's more than just having hair. My hair works with - even enhances - my personality, and it takes a mighty fine hairdresser to make that happen for you.

I always walk out loving my freshly cut bob but sometimes get the next day jitters about how short it is. Sometimes I just find it a little bit aggressively short, but then BAM it’s grown out two weeks’ later into short-hair perfection. Those few weeks of minor growth either allow me to adjust to it, or produce a magical centimetre of hair greatness.

So last time I asked Matt to keep it just a little bit longer, which he did, and then it grew out and in the meantime Matt was setting up the salon. So I wanted to wait for the man himself and meanwhile I was starting to put it up and pull it back.

I felt terribly uncool.

It’s amazing what a haircut can do for your confidence. So I went about regaining my cool in a two-step process

My two steps were: a cut – back to the bob, but with a bit of softening around the face with some swept bangs, which kept any perceived aggression at bay.

And Yay! I felt like me again.

Then some colour work. What I love about Matt is that he is not constantly trying to upsell you with shit you don’t need. In fact, he does my colour so that I’m not having to come back and get it done all the time. Even if I let it grow out, it would still look good.

So this time he recommended we do my blondies using the balayage technique. That ‘ombre hair’ you’ve been seeing for the last couple of years? that purposely grown-out look? That’s probably what they’ve done. And it’s super cool – you can see the colour coming in as it processes. Not all hidden under foils and what-not. So that was fun.

And look how great it turned out.

You too can have great hair in two steps:
· Find a great hairdresser

· Let them do their thing.

There's nothing like walking in with a vague idea of what you want and having someone take it, provide their expert advice and technique, apply it to work with your style and personality and have you walking out feeling like a million bucks.

If you don’t have a hairdresser that makes you feel amazing or someone you can't wait to rebook with, go and see Matt. I’ve already put a few friends on to him and they all feel the love. Where great hair maketh the woman – Matt makes it happen. It's hair for the people.

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