Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The best-fitting jeans ever

I went down to Jeanswest today because I’d spotted a beautiful pair of purple jeans in the window. A blackberry hue that’s dark enough to slim but bold enough to stand out. And we all know my great love of purple.

They’re right there in the doorway and upon inspection I’m already afraid of the fiasco that is jeans fittings.
My last experience had me in Wild Pair for about an hour and a half trying to find something that wasn’t gaping at the waist or too small to pull over my thighs. I imagined that I had told you all about it but it may have been during my blog drought. After all that I ended up buying a pair that I could barely do up. The shop girl (probably tired of my small waist and big bum by now) told me to buy the too-small pair. “They’re perfect if you can only just do the button up” they always say… Those jeans have now sat in my wardrobe for three or so months. I’ve tried them on a couple of times and always taken them off for something that makes me feel less like a sausage. They are very nice jeans, and I’m sure my wardrobe appreciates them.

I have news for the fashion designers out there – small girls can have big butts.
I have a small waist and often have to compromise on pants and skirts. They either fit my bottom half and gape at the top or fit my waist and restrict me from sitting or bending – if I can get them over my butt at all.

So the off-putting business is right there on the tag. “Super Skinny” it says. I walk away. Super skinny means no thighs, hips or ass. Super skinny is super depressing in my experience. Jeanswest also stocks jeans which are “Curve Embracing”. I like the sound of that. They have Curve Embracers in another purple, but it’s not as warm as the ones I’ve got my heart set on. The staff bring me no joy. There’s no curve embracing blackberries out the back. I resign to trying on the dreaded super skinnies.
Win! They pull over my thighs. Win! They slip over my hips. And Win! makes three. The waist is a nice height and it fits snuggly. My tummy and ass are firmly embraced. No muffin, no crack.

These jeans are perfect. They feel lovely and look great. I am joyous to tell the girl I will take them, and they are the best fitting jeans I’ve tried in years. So thanks Jeanswest! You just made my day.

Jeanswest blackberry jeans are available in 'curve embracer', 'super skinny' and 'maternity' styles on their website at

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