Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Douche-baggy pants

Guys. We’ve talked about this. I thought we cleared things up three years ago.
Bro. No.
The worst part of this (apart from knee-dragging crotches, it doesn’t really get any worse than that) is the inspiration for this sudden surge in boys looking stupid. Put something ridiculous on a high-fashion model and it will take two to three years for a watered-down version to hit the racks in New Zealand. Put it on a Bieber, and it’s a poo-pants party within months.

It’s a sad sad world we live in.
I’ve seen two offenders within a week. Ok, this isn’t the best example, but it’s hard to surreptitiously snap a pic of someone as they’re walking in front of you. The best I could do was to scuttle up really close behind him, uncomfortably so, and then stop suddenly at the right time to catch his crotch a-swingin’. The other one I saw was walking towards me, and I don’t quite have the courage to ask people to pose when I’m about to slate them on the internet. “Yeah, check out my blog… in which I tell the world you look like a douche.”

I like to amuse myself by thinking that this new-look Biebs is a joke on Usher’s part. He’s like “Hey man, you should totally wear these idiotic pants, and then see how long it takes for other idiots to follow”. All-the-while, Usher sniggers quietly while looking his dashing best.
I guess that’s the great thing about having a protégé.

Or pro-douché, in this case.

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