Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Kudos Award

Britney Spears in Michael Cinco Couture

Kudos has to be given when someone with as much volatility in the ‘making good decisions’ department as Britney turns out looking like halfway decent. I think this is more than halfway decent for Britney and the brunette do is doing her so many favours.

When Britney’s blonde, it always looks like ‘dirty blonde'. Apparently in her ‘off days’ (although ‘off months’ may be more appropriate) she refuses to shower. It might be that blondes have more fun, but brunettes at least look clean when perhaps they are not.

What I like about this is that she’s not trying to cram herself into a bandage dress (as she did for almost every appearance on the X Factor) or ‘phantom dress’ so that everyone can marvel at the talent of her bikini waxer (as in that 2010 Grammys number below - although again, the brown hair looks great). Kudos Ms Spears. 

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