Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Almost Forgotten

Jessica Chastain in Giorgio Armani

There’s all this fuss about Jessica Chastain and I don’t get it. Admittedly I’ve never seen her in anything, but I’ve seen what she wears, and that’s what’s important right? She just seems so BLAH. Like I can see why everyone thinks she’s totally pretty, but are they just going nuts because she’s a redhead and she’s attractive?

She always seems to pick the totally wrong colour for dresses – soft wishy washy colours, skin tones and pastels. Those colours are not the friend of redheads. Especially those with pale skin. I can tell you that because I am one of those people. Wear red! Wear green or blue. But wear it with gusto!

I adore this dress. It is possibly the most beautiful on the red carpet. But I wish so badly it was another colour. A colour that pops, not flops.

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