Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best Over 70

Jane Fonda in Versace

Jane Fonda is also making her mark on worst dressed lists for wearing a colour that’s ‘too young’ and a dress that’s ‘too tight’. Haters gon’ hate.

If I look this good at 75 (and I could wear anything close to a shade of yellow) I’d be pushing those young* bitches out of the way and wearing this too. I love the colour. I love a bit of sparkle, and the design draws it in perfectly at the waist. I’m not a fan of the front seam, which appears to be poorly stitched and gathering. 

But damn, aerobics (yeah, yeah, and many-a surgeon) have done you all sorts of favours and I think you look great.

*I can’t even say ‘skinny bitches’ because Jane’s right on the mark with them. She looks better than I do at 27.

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