Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best in Colour Award

Elizabeth Banks in Alexander McQueen

Elizabeth Banks is one of those people who I never understood why she was famous (apart from being ‘that one that looks like Chelsea Handler but prettier and less man-eaty’). Then all of a sudden she was in a million things and she’s like the new America’s Sweetheart.

I think Americans like her because she’s blonde and has a big smile. That’s generally what they like. If she had big hair they would leave trinkets at her gate and beseech her for a good crop season. And while she looks friendly in a thank-god-she’s-not-Chelsea-Handler kind of way, I just can’t get over how soul-crushingly generic she looks.

This dress is far from generic and I applaud her for wearing it. There are so many muted colours and gothic nuances around at the moment, and this is bringing so much colour to the party I want to throw beads at it from a balcony in New Orleans.

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