Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best and Worst at the Oscars

Did anyone else notice a lack of stars at the Oscars this year?

I kept looking for fabulous dresses and dapper gents online, but they just weren’t there. Where were the Brad and Angelinas? Where were the Dame Helen Mirrens and Johnny Depps of the world? Where was Leo? Michelle Williams? They had a movie.

Is it uncool to walk the red carpet anymore? Are they all sneaking in the side door to avoid the glam cam? There seems to be very little evidence of actual stars this year and I fear that awards season has become such an E! extravaganza that the actual famous people don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

Perhaps they’ve all turned hipster and only go to the arty farty festivals to avoid Seacrest. ‘We were doing Cannes before it was cool’. And I was judging their dresses...

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