Friday, October 19, 2012

WTF happened to Rose McGowan's face

WTF happened to Rose McGowan?
When she was going out with Marilyn Manson, I was all, WHOA, she’s totally into personality cos she’s SO FRICKIN HOT and he’s one of the ugliest people around. Sorry Bri.

And she totally got kudos for being on Charmed, before it went all Buffy, because she was appropriately badass enough to replace Shannen Doherty and they used a wicked Smiths song in their intro, which endeared me to the show long after it became totally unbearable. And she was still hot.
The she disappeared for a while.

She pops up at intervals for events at which you have to wonder how she achieved the invite list. But every time she does, and the longer it is since she’s had a job, the more perplexing her face gets.

What was she changing it for? She’s only 30-something and she had one of the prettiest faces around. It was all about her little heart-shaped pout and she’s destroyed that for trout. And weird-eye.

There’s a horrifically vicious cycle here that someone needs to pull her out of. The longer she goes without a job the more she changes her face the less likely it is that she will get work.

I feel for her. Probably more than she feels in that whacked-out clown face she’s currently sporting.

I don’t think there’s a way back. But that doesn’t mean you keep on trucking down the highway to facelift hell.

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