Friday, October 19, 2012

WTF happened to Rose McGowan's face

WTF happened to Rose McGowan?
When she was going out with Marilyn Manson, I was all, WHOA, she’s totally into personality cos she’s SO FRICKIN HOT and he’s one of the ugliest people around. Sorry Bri.

And she totally got kudos for being on Charmed, before it went all Buffy, because she was appropriately badass enough to replace Shannen Doherty and they used a wicked Smiths song in their intro, which endeared me to the show long after it became totally unbearable. And she was still hot.
The she disappeared for a while.

She pops up at intervals for events at which you have to wonder how she achieved the invite list. But every time she does, and the longer it is since she’s had a job, the more perplexing her face gets.

What was she changing it for? She’s only 30-something and she had one of the prettiest faces around. It was all about her little heart-shaped pout and she’s destroyed that for trout. And weird-eye.

There’s a horrifically vicious cycle here that someone needs to pull her out of. The longer she goes without a job the more she changes her face the less likely it is that she will get work.

I feel for her. Probably more than she feels in that whacked-out clown face she’s currently sporting.

I don’t think there’s a way back. But that doesn’t mean you keep on trucking down the highway to facelift hell.

Friday, October 5, 2012

You be the judge

If you want to know what Karl Lagerfeld has been up to lately just have a look at what he sent down the runway at Paris Fashion Week.
Is the answer:
a) designing bags for real women in the real world
b) designing bags for the crazy rich
c) designing bags for the crazy

You be the judge.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse Beetlegeuse

Say it three times and it’s a fashion. But does the bio-exorcist in black and white really have your best interests at heart? He might just want to get into your pants.

Hair Hero

Just a quickie...

Check out Matt Forsman's blog at

He's my hairo :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Spring round-up

I know it’s busy at work when the poor old blog is neglected for close to two months. Sorry folks.

I know I’m busy and stressed at work when my fingernails have taken the hit for that same period of time. Stress means an OCD focus on chipped nail polish, leaving bare fingertips open to the wrath of my nail-biting ways. That in turn makes them undesirable to paint. It’s a vicious and treacherous cycle to fall into.

Usually I right it within a couple of weeks, but the stresses of sickness and a new high-intensity job left me with very little energy to put into nail paining. Or blogging for that matter.

So what’s been happening in the fashion world while this little writer hasn’t been clocking in? I still notice the goings on, but unfortunately hadn’t had the strength to put pen to paper. Or chewed-down nails to keyboard, if you will.

Let’s take a look what happened as winter rolled on into spring.

The neon fascination continues, and now has reached our tippy toes. Neon sneakers, flats, and heels (! How sophisticated…) can be found in a shoe store near you. My advice? Anyone outside of high school years should leave this one behind. A pop of neon can accentuate an LBD and electrify an otherwise boring outfit. That’s a pop, not a bomb-blast.

Up in Hollywoodland, the capped pump took the red carpet by storm. Now there’s where you could inject a shot of neon and get away with it. I’ve never been a fan of pointy pumps, but I like this particular trend. The small cap takes away that elongated witches feet look that turns me off pointy shoes. I know it’s autumn in the northern hemisphere where this trend took off, but it’s been a quick starter in the fast fashion stakes and I know we’ll see it here soon enough. My worry lies with the ones that are encased with clear PVC. This makes the cap effect even cooler, but as spring heats up down under keep an eye out for condensation from sweaty feet. Ewww!

Also in shoes, a regenerated platform sneaker has worked itself into fashion once again. Gone are the giant Spice Girl variety, for a slimmed down, more palatable version. Although I won’t be investing for this here-today-gone-tomorrow trend, I can at least give kudos to the revamped style – if you’re going to rehash a trend, at least make them better than the last round.

Spring always sees a return to candy colours and this year will be no different. Bright pastels are already front and centre in window displays, infiltrating everything from jeans to blouses to the smallest accessory. Mix and match for a cotton-candy colour block that sends the winter blues packing.

Ever taken a Rorschach test? That’s the inkblot test for those who don’t have Google in their lives! Well soon you’ll be able to do it every day as mirrored print dresses take to the streets. Patterns are everywhere this year but I especially like the symmetry of the inkblot-style designs. For some amazing symmetrical patterned dresses available in NZ, check out the Alice McCall Spring/Summer 2012/13 campaign. I DIE for the Bernstein Maxi!

Still maintaining popularity is patterned trousers, moving towards bright florals over white as we move into the warmer months. Although I’m not a huge fan of patterned materials (the above, and spots, stripes and stars excluded!) I am liking the move towards light and loose (er) pants for that not-quite-hot-enough Wellington spring. These can be easily styled with a simple top, braided belt, and sun-smart hat for a carefree cool spring look.
My wardrobe staple for any season is a perfectly fitted pair of dress shorts. This season’s shorts mix up biker chic with luxurious glam, with an amazing array of leather shorts in unexpected colours (as well as must-have black). Real leather is surprisingly cool, and unlike synthetic lookalikes, won’t stick to your thighs in the summer sun. Pair with a breezy chiffon or lacy blouse to even out the look.

And finally, the embellishment of the moment that you’ll find on everything from shoes, to bracelets, to jackets and shorts, right up to crown-like headbands, is studs. Studs and spikes are punking up the beigest of fashions. Lucky for the trend-cautious and money-conscious, this is one trend that you can DIY. How often can you say that?! Instantly update your outfits with heavy metal details and a whole lotta attitude – just try not to puncture your friends in the throes of a dance-off.