Friday, July 6, 2012

can you wear too much colour?

Everyone loves a good pop of colour in winter, and I encourage you to brighten up your wardrobe in the war against monochrome ensembles. But some people can’t just have a slice of that pie, they’re in it for the guts-ache – taking colour trending to the extreme.

Now I’m all for a bit of matchy matchy. At least once a week my outfit will match my nails, or perhaps I’ll do a little necklace-belt combo to tie things together. But on the streets of Wellington much more sinister themes appear.
The other day I watched in horror as the bus passed a woman wearing head-to-toe red. Red is great, don’t get me wrong, I dig a bit of fire, but a red-skirt red-cardy red-jacket red-stockings red-shoes combo is an affront to my inner stylist. When you look in the mirror and see THE DEVIL looking back at you, you may want to consider taking it back a notch. Or three.
Please note: The same goes for looks such as ‘human blueberry’ Violet Beauregarde (after the chewing gum meal incident), ‘giant turd’ (8.6 couric’s!) in brown, or the Barbie closet-raider in pink.

I would like to think the Oompa Loompas were policing Violet’s distasteful colour blocking as much as her misbehaviour.

Matching separate elements such as bag and belt, lips and shoes, necklace and nails is a nice way to tie in and create a bit of a colour scheme for your outfit. It shows you’ve put some thought into the day’s dress and is a great way to wear your favourite hues. I’m a big fan of purple, but you’re not going to see me out looking like Barney the dinosaur. A little restraint, people!

Colour is fun, bold, and always gets a compliment – but should be worn with subtle respect. You can have too much of a good thing.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fashion show at Matchbox Studios

We returned to Matchbox Studios last week for their second event. Wanting to do something a bit different this time, the girls pulled together a fashion show featuring designers from the boutique.

The offer of fashion and a mulled wine is enough to get me anywhere on a cold Wellington Friday, so we wandered upstairs to see Laura and Cherry’s latest venture.

What set this fashion show apart from your average designer-by-designer runway was the mix and match of articles from various collections. The Matchbox boutique hosts a range of different designs, from clothing to jewellery and handbags, and these were combined to create nine different looks from the shop floor.

The show included tees from Toothfish, Ninetynine, and Purinimalist; dresses by Tealeaf, Samantha Wakelin, and Charlotte Davidson; a skirt by Minnie + Ree and jacket by Julz; bags by Salvage Sister and Three and Four; a fascinator by Pati Allo; and necklaces by Sadie and Pikimaunga.

After the show we were entranced by the musical stylings of Reece McNoughton on drums and throat singing maestro Jonny Marks. They might make a minimalist ‘band’, but rest assured they create a big big sound.

Matchbox continues to grow its reputation for great openings and shows, so pop down and see them on Cuba Street and keep an ear out for upcoming events on

Check out Oren's photography below and at

Designer Dallas McKinley with his Purinimalist tees.

Designer Eryn Gribble with her Salvage Sister bags.

Jonny Marks and Reece McNoughton.