Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trend alert: printed denim

We’re on a bit of a trend roll here with coloured denim taking centre stage in men’s and women’s fashion over winter, born of the bold spring colours across the great Pacific. Now we’re struck again with daring duds, this time with prints taking centre stage.

Printed pants can be taken to the extreme, as seen on Kristen Stuart recently while promoting her latest venture in scowling. (Inconveniently for me, the only pic that made the pants look great featured her smiling and looking generally pleasant.)

This is a look that could go so wrong, but her youth and confidence make this a big win for me. I’m not sure that I’d go there myself – but if you can pull of grand gestures in pant-form, why the hell not?!

Always pulling rank in the fashion stakes, leopard print is a front runner for statement pants, as well as new-comers such as geo and tribal patterns.

As many of you may know, polka dots is a fashion fave of mine, and you’ll find it on my dresses, tops, jackets, right down to the socks on my tippy toes. (Not all at once of course!) So you can imagine my delight when I spotted (ha!) a pair of black jeans with lovely pink dots on the hangers in store. It was a bit of a fail because I managed to pick a size too small, not realising that these were super skinnies, but even with the zip undone and my legs trying to hulk out of the denim, I could tell that the polka dot was not going to be my friend in this capacity. With regular-sized legs and hips a-bumpin, the pattern just made me look shorter and squatter than I need to appear. Perhaps for shorties like me, a plain dark colour is the only way my legs can roll. We can’t win them all.

But if you dare to try, and you can pull them off, get out there in some bright and funky prints this winter.

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