Monday, June 25, 2012

Fast fashion: neon yellow

Back in April when I was lucky enough to attend Wellington Fashion Week I noticed two designers that showed us a sneak peak of what has now become a full-blown trend.

Both Moochi and Mardle had bright shots of yellow highlighted throughout their range. Moochi more so, and it was definitely the defining feature of their Winter 2012 collection.

Neon colours have now infiltrated high street stores, and although you will currently find Dotti’s whole window display dedicated to neon yellow (they’re calling it lime), I would suggest you take the Moochi approach and work it in with accents and accessories.

When you take on a trend, I always think a gently-gently approach is best. While a whole shop full of neon pieces might be available to you, do you really want to walk the streets looking like an overgrown high-visibility vest? I would suggest not. Take small pieces that fit the style and add it to your usual wardrobe.

There’s no need to be a fashion sheep in order to embrace a trend. This will also provide you with some wardrobe future-proofing, because you know damn well it’s not going to be around for more than one season.

The Cambridge Satchel Company has gone fluro this season, and this is a nice little brightener for any winter outfit. If you’ve got the money, Marc Jacobs has this lovely neon belt. The perfect pop to a LBD. Fear not if Marc Jacobs is out of your price range, I’m sure you’ll find them popping up in fast fashion stores on a daily basis.

If you’re really unsure, but want to follow the masses in the subtlest way (although subtlety isn’t key to this trend), work it in to the little things with some neon nails. I love colour trends, and nail polish is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep up to date.

Go forth and light up the night with neon!

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