Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miss Ink North Island: tattooed beauties strut their stuff

Miss Universe eat your heart out, this is a pageant for sultry sweethearts with branding to boot. Some could have done with some congeniality training, but proving to the judges how they will change the world with cut-and-paste fluffy-kitten bullshit wasn’t part of the criteria to win this bad boy. You needed attitude, sex appeal, and a whole lotta ink.

Miss Ink North Island was crowned on Friday 25 May, but not before an eager audience got to see a parade of tattooed ladies in various states of dress. States of undress proved more popular when the burlesque entertainment hit the stage, and all eyes were on carefully placed pasties as the tassles turned.

The Miss Ink competition draws a different kind of contestant, and backstage talk was focussed on the thoughts of children. Almost every girl in Friday night’s line-up was a proud mother, and the conversation turned to comparing gems from the mouths of babes.

“Tell me you’re not going to wear that mummy,” one dismayed child had begged. Another stating “You don’t have enough tattoos”. Precious encouragement from loved ones. Something we can all put our trust in…

Lucky for these ladies their confidence drew on other streams.

Miss Bon Bon Rocher took the stage between segments to show off her burlesque prowess. Bon Bon has bodacious curves, and was this year crowned Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2012 Miss Congeniality and Miss Sponsors’ Choice. If that doesn’t give you a boost heading into the competition I don’t know what does.

My vote was biased to the beautiful Miss Kaysey; unfortunately my vote meant nothing to the judges and Kaysey was pipped by one point to come in third. So runner up went to Miss Nikki Needles, and crowd favourite Bon Bon took the crown in a much-deserved win.

The next night Miss Ink headed down to vamp up Christchurch, where the local bogan community got a well-deserved treat of bootylicious babes, rockin music, and pole dancing by the looks of things.

Oh how I stereotype. The competition actually seemed to appeal to a wide range of spectators. And why wouldn’t it. No one can resist a bit of skin, tattooed or not.

Photography by Oren Oaariki
Miss Kaysey

Runner up Miss Nikki Needles and Miss Ink North Island 2012 Bon Bon Rocher


  1. Thank you for the great article :) Pity only my hands are visible in the group photo =D .. or planned? =P

    1. Sorry about that lovely! I think my photographer was right at the side of the stage. Check out his other photos at the link above to see more of his pics from the show. xx