Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hair wonders by Matt Forsman at Haight Ashbury

People that know me well know how I feel about free stuff. But who doesn’t love a good freebie?! That’s why fashion events are made just that much more fabulous by the bag that’s sitting on your chair.

At the Noa Noa launch in April, we were treated to some seriously special goody bags, including lovely Noa Noa accessories and a free haircut by the evening’s hair stylist, Matt Forsman from Haight Ashbury.

In serious need of a cut, I swiftly took up the offer and booked myself in to see Matt last week. My hair had grown out for about 8 months after the last drastic chop, and was pretty much confined to an updo.

Despite it being an hour of work for free, Matt took the time and care I would expect if I was a paying client. Needless to say, this was an excellent opportunity to gather some return custom, but some people will take their freebie and never return. I certainly didn’t feel like I was being rushed through or deprived of the necessary steps that create a great haircut.
What makes a good hairdresser for me is being able to go in there with a flaky idea of what I want and letting the expert go forth and make the call for me. I want someone who offers me something new and something that suits me, after all, they are the experts and the artists. It’s a bit of a test I guess, but you can spend a lot of money at the hairdressers and I think a stylist should be able to prove themselves with vision as well as execution.

Matt took my vague musings about ‘shorter but not too short and something smooth, not choppy’ and turned it into the exact image I had in my mind. A sleek bob that frames my face, accentuates my features and colouring, and projects the young professional image I desire.

Apologising for ‘not being much of a conversationalist’, Matt proved to me that he was more focused on making my cut perfect, rather than engaging me in trivial drivel about my life or the weather. I don’t want the distraction of chit chat when I’m editing a piece of writing, so I could totally understand his need for uninterrupted attention on my head. Cutting hair is an art, and a physical edit of someone’s appearance. Matt is clearly a detailed-focused person, a perfectionist, and an artist. These are things I can appreciate.

His hour of free work is paying off already. I’ve told numerous people who have complimented my new hair where to find the man behind the style. Without a pressured pitch or any form of tedious upsell, I’ve rebooked with Matt in six weeks to keep my new bob sleek and tidy. Retouching the lovely work he started. 

You can find Matt at Haight Ashbury on Johnston Street in Wellington and experience his professionalism and confidence in his trade for yourself.

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