Thursday, May 10, 2012

coloured denim cools down for winter

Coloured denim has made it through the spring/summer season and has now migrated into the cooler months. If the hot spring colours put you off the first time round – bright corals, blues, and yellows featured heavily – then maybe give a splash of colour a chance for the winter season.

New arrivals stick to cooler colours to reflect the changing season, and you might just find that burgundy, burnt orange, or forest green are a bit more up your ally. Darker colours are usually a bit more forgiving and I’ve been tempted into a wine-coloured pair to add to my skinny jean collection.

If you’re not sure about colouring up your legs, my advice would be to go and try them on with a range of on-trend knits and jumpers. And don’t let those top-halves go monotone either.

The great thing about coloured bottoms is it opens your wardrobe up to all sorts of contrasting separates. Try deeper tones with a clash of this season’s hottest colour, mustard. Apparently it suits more people than you might think. And if worst comes to worst and you look like you’ve just had a face-to-face with the toilet bowl, no one is there to see you behind the changing room curtain. You are allowed to make mistakes in there!
Because coloured denim is likely to come and go and the hues will change season to season, my best suggestion is New Zealand’s favourite fast fashion outlet, Glassons. Their Miss Who jeans are ridiculously priced at $39.99, so if you wear them twice and decide it’s not for you, you won’t feel bad giving them away. They stretch over time and it doesn’t cost the moon to replace them. I’ve got a nice little collection going, one of which has never been worn beyond the velvet curtain, but I’m not crying about the spilt milk of $40 after a pay-day purchase.

Once you go black you never come back does not fit all situations. Black jeans might seem to be the answer to many-a wardrobe crisis, but I implore you to add a little colour to your winter wardrobe. Wellington gets a lot of rap for wearing only black, and while my black skinnies are still up there in the wardrobe hierarchy, I’m seeing colour taking over one piece at a time. So colour up this winter! Take a chance with coloured denim and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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