Thursday, April 5, 2012

Power socks

I feel like I am endless posting about hosiery and socks, and how people manage to get it so wrong. For such a small and seemingly innocuous thing, there are just so many people out there abusing their right to inoffensive ankles.
But I’m not here to complain today! I’m here to congratulate. It seems there is one group out there who have taken notice of that gap between pants and shoe – a group of fashion-savvy men who have coined and embraced the “power sock”.

It’s hard for a suit-wearing man to stand out, I get it. You can wear a popping shirt and contrast tie, but unless you’re going for full-on Disick there is little that can be done to stand out in a field of black, blues, and greys. The world is not your fashion oyster.

If a woman’s feeling cheery she can cherry-pick from an array of brightly coloured clothing, accessories, and shoes. She can paint her nails (and her face) to instil a flash of whimsy or a bolt of vitality in an otherwise subdued working outfit.

Finally, someone had a flash of genius and found another way to inject life into a personality-less suit while simultaneously counteracting the fashion canyon known as sock gap.

Cue ominous music!

Sure a well-elasticated dress sock will bridge the gap just fine, but stand out for its originality and verve it will not. Power socking is where it’s at…

As a disclaimer, I was equally enthused and annoyed after watching last week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar. Rob Kardashian is apparently quite passionate about socks and is starting a dress sock business. Although pleased that my musings were founded in reality, I was somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t published this post yet. I wrote it in late March, and thought maybe I’d save it in case I need more things for April. So there. You might have seen it on tv, but I thought about it first :)

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