Thursday, March 8, 2012

Autumn Emerging

While savvy shoppers will be grasping at the last of the Summer sales, Autumn styles are slowing overtaking the racks. One emerging trend for Autumn 2012 are soft and dusky colours that reflect the turning leaves.

Dusky pinks, burgundy, and blues feature largely as the weather cools off, reminiscent of impressionist landscapes. These are still dark and deep colours, coated with a shade of grey, rather than pastels and ‘baby’ hues. To me this palette suggests warmth amidst the cool.
And they are best worn among their own ilk. Black contrasting is harsh and overpowering, so find dusky colours that complement each other if you’re going to layer up.

Often garments in these colours will be textural, like wool, and if you do want to harden up the cloudy feel, wear them with tan/brown chinos, brown leather belts, or accompanying clothing in tweed. And as always with chunky or textured layers, it’s a game of two halves – one is sleek and smooth and one is bulky or billowy.

So wrap up with gorgeous knits and scarves and keep snug this Autumn, while thinking about transition clothing. Dusky knits with shorts or minis over tights creates a flawless contrast that will see you through the changing season.

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