Friday, March 23, 2012

Appreciating aesthetic effort

They might not be the most attractive people on the street, but you’ll be darned if you can stop looking at them. These are the people I usually notice over your regular ridiculously good-looking passers-by. These are people that take a lot of time working on their own aesthetic, whether it’s going to be appealing to you or not. And these are the people I appreciate, because of the time and careful effort they have put into their look.
Of course there are the usual suspects; a perfectly tailored suit with impeccably shiny shoes and hair, top-to-toe preening, handbags and scarves effortlessly matching... but then there’s the ones that take you by surprise.

For me this is often a perfectly shaggy too-cool-to-care aesthetic that you know has been fretted over before leaving the mirror, or an entire gothic outfit complete with jet-black hair (and maybe a pink streak), fishnets and oversized boots. These outfits that are hard to come by, you can’t walk into any old shop along Lambton or Cuba and have the sales assistant grab a size up and size down, just in case, and are therefore deserving of an appreciative nod. If nothing else.

There’s one couple that I regularly see on the bus and the guy’s got this whole Scott Disick aesthetic going on. His fiancée is attractive in a generic way (don’t ask how I know they’re to be married, they just look like that young couple that would have their lives set out, live and love each other blissfully (on the outside at least), and therefore be engaged), but it’s the effort that goes into this guy’s look that makes me appreciate our shared journeys.

Having redeemed himself from Douchebag of the Universe status, Mr Disick isn’t such a bad lead to follow. Yes, he still dresses like the D-bag we once knew him to be, but the aesthetic is his own. How many other twenty-somethings do you see walking around in pink paisley shirts, cravats and velvet blazers, with hair greased up like an oil-slicked seal and toting a range of canes? This guy established his look, whether you like it or not, and stuck to his guns. You know he doesn’t leave the house looking anything but immaculate, perhaps somewhat ridiculous, but full points for effort. Ol’ bus douche is working on the same principle – perhaps his fiancée makes him stay up to watch Kardashians on a Tuesday night for pointers? Without this ‘look’ he probably wouldn’t be remotely palatable to me – slick-back hair and an abundance of LV accessories has never done it for me – but I do appreciate individuals that put in the time.

The same goes for everyone. Whether you’re an overt fashionista or secret style maven, make your look your own, take time and effort with before you leave the house, and wear it with confidence and you too will be the person bus gawkers like me take note of.

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