Friday, February 17, 2012

fashion, got it collared

I’m loving the charming 60s dresses and blouses that are around at the moment. It’s such a relief to see in the transition between Summer and Autumn, trends are moving away from as-much-skin-as-possible styles to demure and whimisical Sixties looks.

At the moment, it’s all about the collar. There are two looks going strong and they are both host a high neck line. Covering up can still be sexy, and these two looks work it in totally different ways.

Hot Librarian. It’s always up there on the guys’ secret fantasy list. Work your geek chic with billowy chiffon blouses with a pussy bow. Tee hee! I love to say those words! But that’s what they are.

The pussy bow is that ribbon-tie around the collar. It can be big or small, and both change the look of the outfit. I prefer the look of big and bountiful. It provides a sumptuousness to an otherwise refined look. Rock it with a pencil skirt and cinched in with an oversized belt, you’ll ooze sex appeal without the obviousness of skin on display.

Pussy bows also work great in contrast colours, and I’ve seen plenty of examples of cream and black combos. Shop at your regular one-in-every-colour outlet and you’ll find the reverse.

Monochromatic works with the other collar aswell – this is the whimsical, childlike peterpan collar. Often paired with swing or baby-doll style dresses, it is the cute-as-a-button appeal mixed with the naughtiness of being an adult. Your dress says innocence, but short lengths and glam shoes suggest corruption could be close at hand. Think Alexa Chung and Chloe Sevigny for fashion inspiration.

The peterpan can also be found on sweet blouses and sleeveless shirts. These are getting a bit more adventurous with colour, with cotton candy shades adding to the cute-factor. Pair with dark skinny jeans and you’ve got a fabulous mix of tight and floaty, sweet and sexy.

It's a combo that's hard to beat and accessible fashion at its best.

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