Thursday, August 11, 2011

Throw-away fashion

I had a bit of a throw-out recently – mostly stuff that had been stowed away in boxes for the last 8 years of my flatting life but I previously hadn’t had the nerve to discard, lest I suddenly have use for it or should anything come back in to fashion.

I hesitated on one item only – a pair of once beloved shoes. Probably the first pair of high heels I bought for myself and most likely where my obsession with owning unnecessary and impractical things emanated.

At the time they were the height of good fashion. Massive 90s platforms with the giant square heel, with a multitude of crossover straps in black suede. Probably not the easiest thing to dive into when you’re learning to walk in heels, but perhaps that throw into the deep end is what started my life as an accomplished walker in heels.

We’ve been experiencing the 90s flashback for the last few years now and I wondered if maybe I should hold on to these towering beauties, still in perfect condition save a few cobwebs amongst the straps. But common sense prevailed. No, I thought, fashion reflection is about renewal of the previous trend, not an exact emulation of it, these shoes will look like you have saved them since you were 15 years old.

During the last 6 months however, I have watched as heels have become chunkier and squarer. Stiletto is a no-go. The fashion savvy will at least be sporting a cone heel, if they haven’t already re-embraced the 90s chunk. My lamentation of the throwing out of my once precious shoes began spawning as window displays started to reflect the 90s look.

Then, last weekend at a dinner party, a recently returned fashion-loving traveller from London arrived wearing the most 90s shoe I could imagine. Albeit in an updated colour, these suede strappys had a heel so large the front was a good inch shorter than the back.

Hasty! I thought. Reckless! How could I have been so thoughtless as to send my shoes to the charity shop along with too-small singlets and wide-leg Doosh pants? I saw the signs! And I disregarded them as reminiscence and my latent hoarding tendencies. After all, if I hadn’t found need to re-run those babies yet, what could possibly make me pull them out now.

The fool and her now lost shoes.

In my defence, I do always say I try not to follow fads too closely because fashion is often fleeting. If the shoes really had the longevity, I would have reinstated them to the wardrobe before now. My shoe stand is brimming with classics that, while trendy, will be able to remain so for years to come. Don’t see any relegations to a box under the stairs in the near future. I just hope that the woman who picks my lost beauties appreciated the find. Either that, or that the current styling is fleeting and all was not lost after all.

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