Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spring must-haves: long-sleeve dresses

As spring is notoriously colder than winter in some cases in NZ, I am pleased to see the upcoming spring trends are not jumping into both sleeveless and mini straight away. Trending alongside the ladylike midi, gorgeous 60s-inspired long-sleeved dresses are gracing the racks and bodies of the fashion forward.

It’s a beautiful fashion that remains practical, as long as you go for a cuffed princess sleeve or batwing rather than ‘the wizard’ (which has the potential to knock wine glasses over with any casual gesture of the hand and drag through your soup. How uncouth!). It’s decidedly feminine and modest, and following good fashion principals, is mixed with the flesh-flashing mini to counter its demure demeanour. Good news for those of us who feel a bit nana if we’re not showing a little something either up top or bearing a bit of thigh.

There’s a nice range within the look, but common themes prevail. A princess sleeve is often the same colour as the dress, but made of translucent material, creating that airy fairy feeling. A batwing will of course be the same material, because it’s generally all one cut, and will often be in a heavier fabric, causing the nice drape effect. The last thing you want with a batwing sleeve is it flapping in the breeze like an old lady’s chicken wings. A wizard-style or gypsy sleeve, imo, is best left for Halloween. Rejoicing Morticia Adamms’ fans please skulk back to your coffins, there is no place in this hazardous world for metre-long trails coming from your arms. I have enough trouble tripping over my feet without adding to it with unnecessary sleeve trains.

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