Friday, August 19, 2011

show us your mullet (shirt)

With leggings, jeggings, and super skinnies sticking it out in the style ranks, ladies can at least praise the fashion powers that be that they’ve come up with something better than a crop top this season. While the cropped look remains, and I must say I re-embraced the look in a subtle form with waistband-touching singlets and cropped jumpers over dresses, this season we’re at least covering the bum with mullet-style garments. I’m not a fan of the mullet dress, which has been rife on the red carpet recently, but this is one trend that adds practicality to a bit of fashion whimsy.

One thing is for sure, this is an item you need to try on with the clothes you are going to match it with. You might not need to take your chunky heels in tow, but at least wear the leggings or skinnies you would wear a mullet shirt over. I made the mistake of trying on a mullet shirt with heavy tights which I happened to be wearing under a dress. I thought I’d at least be able to get an idea of the look – after all, they were footless tights and not just stockings and I thought they would potentially emulate the leggings look. I was wrong. I was confronted with too much crotch and it was essentially distracting from the whole look of the shirt.

There’s nothing like a strong hint of camel toe in a changing room mirror to put you off a purchase.

There is a lot to go wrong with the look and I suggest trying on a few items from different stores before taking on the mullet. Some brands are sloppy with the cuts and you end up looking like you’ve just attached an apron to your bum if the mullet starts from the side seams and drops immediately into the longer curve. It’s not that noticeable on the rack, but when you get it into the changing room the tacked-on feeling becomes quite apparent. What you want is a clean sweep from front to back, even a slightly raised crop in the front leading down to the mullet, where the side seam is not prevalent because of a sudden increase in fabric. And beware the uber crop. This is not a tummy-bearing trend. The front hem should skim your waistband at least. Unless you’re sending your internal organs off to charity in a cooler bag, keep your kidneys off ice for another month. There’s nothing cool about looking cold.

Wear your mullet shirt in the same way as a loose-fitting boyfriend shirt and you’re bang on for a casual cool look for spring. As always, loose on top means tight on the bottom, so pair it with a mini (and tights at this point in the year – no one wants to see your untanned pins just yet) or leggings/jegs/skinnies for the perfect “no-effort” (but casually I spent an hour putting this together) styling.

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