Friday, July 29, 2011

crochet and cable

As winter stock begins it’s journey to the clearance bin, making way for impending spring fashion, savvy shoppers will take this opportunity to snap up a few trend items they wouldn’t normally bother with at full price.

The biggest trend this winter that will easily translate into the cool spring months is chunky cable knit jumpers. Oversized or cropped, they’re a great addition to an outfit that doesn’t make you look like a yeti – as many bulky winter warmers will do. It’s actually nice to see something so classic as a jumper on the shelves, as in previous years such things have been relegated to granny-status. Past ‘winter’ fashions are often based on the outgoing spring looks from the northern hemisphere and to maintain trend factor you had to either cover it up with winter coats or freeze your butt off – as many girls were seen doing on Friday and Saturday nights.

The silly wee things can at least look cool and keep warm by throwing a cable knit over a bodycon dress or leggings. God forbid they put on a jacket!

Fortunately for us, the jumpers were in stores promptly after daylight savings ended. Having had one of the mildest winters on record, New Zealand style hunters can now pick one up for a bargain in the first actually cold week we’ve experienced. The poor retailers obviously can’t predict the weather, and are usually dictated by overseas stockists anyway, so they will be the ones losing out. To that I say mwahaha! and rub my bargain-hunting hands in schadenfreude-ian mirth. Apart from saving yourself from jumping on a potentially short-lived bandwagon, you can actually save yourself money by waiting out the storm of fresh winter stock.

Adding to your upcoming fashion layers, with a hint of impending spring, is the new (albeit slightly rehashed from last year) waistcoat. Hippy chic is back on track for spring, and adding to the already flower-power-happy closet of maxi skirts and gladiator sandals (although I pray we have seen the back of them) are crocheted vests.

Some in linen, some in wool, some with tassels the like of which Rapunzel could compete with (don’t even get me started on them!) – they’re all about to fill the window displays of your favourite fast-fashion store. I’m not 100% sold about them in combination with the free-lovin maxi look, because I think going too far with a certain genre can end up costumey and gimmicky, but I do like the addition to something a bit harder. A mixture of hard rock and flower goddess never went astray. (Leather jackets with tulle dresses anyone?)

As a lover of the body-huggin’ bodycon dress, I’m always looking for something to add to the look that tones down the ‘nakedness’ of such a skin-clingin’ dress. And, unlike a heavy fur vest, crochet is the perfect accomplice because it adds a layer without hiding the glory that your bodycon beholds. It’s the raita to your curry: it adds a subtle taste of modesty without taking the bang out of your hotsauce.

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