Monday, July 4, 2011

colour me claret

Every winter there is an 'it' colour that every second item is designed in. Last year it was a beautiful grapey purple (and just about every other shade of purple) much to my delight. It reinvigorated my love of purple which, on becoming a grungy, surly teen, I decided was drastically uncool. I have since realised that liking purple was probably not the defining influence on my social life or surliness.

This season the shops are filled with wonderful claret reds and terracotta orange. It’s a perfectly warming combination for a cold winter. Earthy tones suit a lot of people but many stay away from focus-grabbing reds because of simple fear. Maybe you do need to wear them with confidence or risk being background noise to the roaring fire that embodies this colour, but I believe the same thing goes for wearing anything slightly out of the ordinary.

The great thing about this winter’s colours is that they are not in-your-face bright reds, but warming cuddly embraces of the earth and fire. They are the chic lounging hipsters to their loud-mouth cool red counterparts and I think you will quite enjoy their company if you give them a moment to digest.

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  1. Dammit so frustrating this winter everything is grey or beige or black, the only colour that stands out is red and I can't wear it!!! Well I can do it on the bottom half but not near my face. Unfair