Saturday, June 11, 2011

shopping sprees 101

The last time I posted on this blog, I was in possession of a glorious, large double wardrobe. Since then I have moved flats and am now the not-so-proud owner of a...corner. My current wardrobe space is no bigger than 70 squared cm (*sniff*) This immense tragedy has had nasty consequences on my shopping habits - no longer can I come home with bag loads of unnecessary clothing items because there is just nowhere to put them.  Hard to believe, but I have actually become completely out of habit and a wee bit useless at shopping!

 Having been out of the game so long, I forgot the most fundamental basics of any successful shopping spree. When I ventured back out into the big wide world of shoes one lunchtime this week, it dawned on me that this excursion was going to be an epic failure, all because of one simple fact: I wasn't happy with the way I looked before I hit the shops.

Angeli AKA 'Chipmunk'
This may sound bizarre but it's true; if your feeling miserable or self-conscious then you just aren't going to be happy with ANYTHING that you try on. Having just had my wisdom teeth out, my face was swollen, I had a big bruise under one eye, and had given up wearing makeup till my face healed. On top of that, it had been a while since I had err... groomed my legs, so exposing bare calves was just out of the question. I tried to see what a pair of ankle boots would look like with my pant legs rolled up but quickly gave up when I remembered I had forsaken silky smooth legs (the shop assistants cast odd looks upon hearing me exclaim "uugh!")

In the clothes shops, I didn't even bother picking anything off the rack because every corner I turned had a mirror confronting me. It's hard to imagine yourself looking nice in anything when a blobber face keeps glaring back at you!

Cheer up Kelly
The rules of shopping sprees quickly came back to me - you have to plan before you head to the shops. Wearing too many layers(remember the 'Onion')? Ahhhhh can't be bothered stripping them all off. Wearing skinny jeans? Not going to bother trying on knee high boots. Having a bad face day? Any kind of top is just going to be brought down by the spots and blotches. Bad hair day? No point trying on hats. You almost have to be perfectly groomed if you're going to really feel happy buying things. And forget stubbly legs/armpits.

Now that my face is getting back to normal, I've started to put effort into my appearance again. The problem of my teeny-tiny wardrobe still hovers over me; but the fact remains that I am a clothes-a-holic at heart and simply can't survive without the occasional splurge. So here's hoping I'll get back into the shopping game before too long and not spiral into a pit of depression because everything looks crappy!

Also, FYI, getting your passport photo taken while in post-surgical recovery is reeealllly not a good idea...

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