Monday, June 13, 2011

back to school

We talked about the preppy look of over-the-knee socks gracing the window displays and catwalks for the winter season, but there’s more from the prep book to take your fancy if you’re not ready to expose a bit of thigh. School-boy blazers, sometimes complete with crest and white trim, are also making headway in the fashion world.

Of course your standard blazer should be a staple part of your fashion diet by now, but if you want to take the flattering silhouette and give it a cool, fresh look, a preppy blazer is the way to go. And like your boring black blazer or boyfriend tux jacket, it’s a winner for your waist. Even open, a nicely tailored school blazer will draw attention to your waist while slimming it, enhancing any hourglass figure to its best potential, or creating a waistline for both skinny minnies or larger ladies.

Another runway favourite making its way into street fashion is pleated skirts. Very small pleating mind you, so don’t go pulling out the old school skirt just yet. Delicate, satin pleats fall beautifully over your hips. This is where larger pleats and heavier materials can fail – rather than falling lightly over your shape, a heavier pleat will poke out from the hips and fall directly down from there, creating a bell curve your bottom probably doesn’t need. The only problem, particularly for those of us in the windy city, is the potential for a lighter pleat to head for the skies in a breeze.

Combined, these two items can create a really cool look if worn with care. That is, don’t mix the blazer with tartan or box pleats, or anything too schooly. A pretty patterned skirt will complement the hard lines of the jacket without people thinking you’ve escaped from boarding school. Another ill-advised combination would be to add the socks. I don’t need to tell you why.

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