Monday, April 4, 2011

fur real

One item that can’t transcend the seasonal differences between the hemispheres has returned for another Autumn/Winter season down under. I’m talking about fur.
I first spotted fur’s revival while in Melbourne in April last year. I tried on this cute fur vest and have since decided that this is one trend I am staying away from. On the shelf it looked so cool, I could imagine the outfits I would pair it with, and how fashion-forward I would look. In the changing room it was another story.

The vest added about 10kg onto my frame, which clearly could do without that addition. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m busty (but not that busty) or short (but not that short) or a tad overweight (I don’t think I was at the time – damn you fluctuations!) but the fur just didn’t do it for me.

Which makes me wonder… how is it such a staple in Kim K’s closet? She’s voluptuous and curvy (moreso than I) and she does it in front of the camera (there’s half your 10kg addition already) and she looks fine. I pondered this seeming oxymoron at lunch today and came up with an answer.

We’ve all seen Kim with nothing on (or at least close to it). Bear with me now. At first I thought maybe it is one of those trends only for the very skinny. Where it wouldn’t hurt to add a few pounds or where an item of bulky clothing only emphasises the skinniness. (You know, when you see a girl wearing a massive loose boyfriend shirt and there’s two toothpicks coming out from the bottom a mile apart from eachother. There’s no thigh chaff going on in there.)

How does this relate to our KK, you ask? Well, here’s the clincher. I am ok with my size; slim enough to be considered skinny, but healthy enough to have curves. But certain clothing does nothing for me. If I put on a loose boyfriend shirt it looks like I’m hiding a whole lot of extra weight under there. Figure-hugging items show off the lovely bust-waist-hip ratio. The hourglass. So adding 10cm of fur all around isn’t going to do me any favours if you don’t know what’s going on under there. I’ve always said that people would think I was skinnier if they actually saw me sans clothes. But that ain’t going to happen. But our Kim, everyone’s seen her in next to nothing and knows he has an amazing body, so she can add all the fur she likes and we still know what’s going on under there.

Notice how she loves her super tight bandage dresses. Show off the curves like Blam! Over a silhouette like that, no amount of fur is going to make you think anything but wow.

So, can you do it? Do you dare fluff out your figure with fur? Personally, I think the look is super cool, possibly a bit over zealous, because we know those of you rocking it on the streets of Wellington aren’t all superstars and those fibres are more synthetic than Ke$ha’s vocals, but hey we do what we can to look super cool.

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