Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 3 - PHOTOS

*Oh crap now she's done two posts since the challenge, while I've been uber slack and not kept you peeps entertained. Anyway, here's what I wrote several eons ago:

Thanks for posting Haze, now I can add my two cents without looking like I'm a giant camera whore taking over Debris!

Day 11

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15
God knows what I wore on the Twelth Day of Christmas the true love must've stolen my memory cause I sure as hell can't remember!

I agree with Hazel, I finished the challenge with six skirts I never even wore... so could have easily done another week but pah, I think we proved our point! And yes, what will we do with the information we have gathered from this fun experiment? 

I may have gone out on the last day and bought a new skirt.... *shifty eyes*

Shoosh!  It was only $25 from Dotti! That's a bargain and a half!

But seriously, it has actually been extremely helpful seeing my entire wardrobe in pictorial form as it made it damn obvious what colours I have too much of, and what my wardrobe could do with in future. I need to stop buying purple. And grey. And beige. And clothes OH did I say that?? Wash my mouth out.

It was also a good way to work out which clothes you truly will NEVER wear. I mean if you don't wear them in desperate times you should probably get rid of them...

Now that it's cooling down a bit I have re-acquainted myself with the abandoned winter corner of the wardrobe. Long cardi's and scarves that I have been pondering over suddenly have a reason for being again. Yes the cold is depressing but it's a little exciting to have a different bunch of clothes to bust out. 

On a final note. I saw a french girl a few weeks back strutting down Lambton Quay wearing a denim jacket, denim jeggings and blue suede boots...which may as well have been made of denim. So the Europeans aren't as trendy as they're cracked up to be...

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