Monday, March 7, 2011

nrw challenge - week 3

Finally rounding up the challenge. It was a painful but enlightening experience. I truly believe I could have gone another week, however I was starting to wish desperately for cold or rainy days because some outfits rely on stockings to make them work appropriate.

Not only that but I had bought a couple of new things that I really wanted to wear and couldn't without breaking the rules. Needless to say the very next week they were brought out for all to see.

Let's see what week three gave us...

So now I know I have too many clothes, what exactly am I going to do with that information? Well it hasn't changed my shopping ways that's for sure. I got dressed to go out at the weekend and wore pants for once (I'm usually all about the dresses, but I just love those $30 "jeans" you can get from Glassons at the moment, and they finally had a 9 in black. Seriously, it's taken about three months for me to score some before they get snatched up.) And anyway, I came to realise I had NO nice tops to go with my jeans that weren't already relegated to the work wear pile. So of course I had to go out and buy a couple of new tops.

Wow. It is HARD to find a nice top that isn't a singlet. If I could wear sleeveless tops I'd be spoilt for choice, but sleeves are hard to find. Luckily, on thatn mission I discovered that Jeans West is actually quite a good shop. I've never really been in there before and assumed it was overpriced shit or cheesy t-shirts, but it's actually quite good for "casual cool". Plus! If you sign up for membership, you get a $10 voucher. Now that's incentive.

On the casual cool... I must say, this is usually the look I go for at the weekend, and I always thought it went down pretty well. I think maybe it's what people expect of me - I'm certainly not the type to dress up to encourage guys, already having a super awesome boy. But, this particular weekend, I decided to pair the super skinnys with the heels that the boy bought me a couple of christmases ago. (These are some seriously gorgeous heels. Super chic, timeless, and... he bought them without any prompting, hinting, or without even asking me my size. One word... Keeper.) So anyway, I wear the heels thinking maybe I'm a bit overdressed for the usual house party, but the prospect of town later made me do it and besides, they looked damned hot. And ALL night people were complimenting me on how good I looked, some with absolute shock, like "you can look that good?" and I realised that perhaps I've been underselling myself all along. Who doesn't like to be told they look great right?

So maybe casual cool isn't doing me the justice I deserve. Perhaps the fear of overdressing has kept me from looking my best at the weekend, when all along I could have been wearing my favourite things and getting a confidence boost at the same time.

Some things deserve to come out of the closet!

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  1. Ha see some classics coming out in week three Haze (skirt, photo 1)