Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 1 of the no-repeat

So I've been completely useless and haven't got around to taking a single photo this week, but I DO however remember what I've worn each day, so at least I can prove my success so far (as if I'd ever  repeat within four days though...)

  • Monday - black skinny pants, white top with black polka dots, and a grey cardi with black lace embellishments
  • Tuesday - Black stockings, rose lace skirt, black t-shirt and black cardi with peach military details
  • Wednesday - Purple stockings, black tutu skirt, long black t-shirt with...fancy pants neckline which is beyond written description, and a cream tie-back cardi
  • Thursday - Black and grey pencil skirt, beige patterned tank, and short sleeve black cardi

I could've made that all up but there will be photographic evidence to follow!

I told Hazel on Monday that I'd be best to stagger my favourites throughout the challenge or risk getting highly depressed as my workwear gradually slid towards potato sacks. Well I failed at that. Only four days and I've already worn my two beloved Modcloth skirts!! Good one Angeli.

So, I'm going to take this challenge one step further and see if i can wear a different cardigan everyday. Think its possible Haze?

Friday tomorrow, us bloggers are out for a drink after work so I'm thinking something a bit cheeky.

Watch this space.

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