Sunday, February 20, 2011


One good thing about moving and having subsequently become a bus rider is that you get alot of observing time. If you dare look at people on the bus you will notice that everyone is averting their eyes, because god forbid anyone should make eye contact with a stranger.

This has caused some good effects - like seeing a cool dress in the window of Dotti for a couple of weeks, becoming obsessed with buying it, and then buying it. Oh the satisfaction! I have also observed some toe-related tragedies that gretly displeased me.

Firstly, there was a girl walking to work. General work wear going on, nothing to strange. Checking out her emsemble... nice top, skirt, stockings.... GASP! and there it was, crime of all crimes, she was wearing jandals with stockings! Obviously jandals are super for comfort while walking to work. I do it all the time. But if you're wearing stockings, maybe give up on them for a day. Wear some flats! Doesn't that make more sense?? Surely the slipperyness of stockings alone take away the comfort of the jandal. and then there's the gripping... it's just wrong.

So then I'm off the bus, waling to work, looking at people's clothes. This lady infront of me is carrying her shoes in a plastic bag. So naturally I look down to see what she has on her feet. I didn't think I could come across anything down there that would compete with ol stocking-jandal from before... oh how I was wrong.

This woman is wearing toe shoes.

Those creepy rubber-glove-like things that apparently are more natural to walk and run in. Technology is really taking a backward step with these things. Even if they are ergonomically correct, they're just creepy! Surely some engineer can come up with something that creates comfort while maintaining a humanoid look. These things make you look amphibian! Even Aquaman would be creeped out by these things. I don't care what the great Larry Diamond says, frogs are not sexy and we are not and should not be related to them in any way or shape. And it's not like this lady was running a frickin marathon to work. It's Lambton Quay lady! If you're gonig to wear something ugly on the way to work to be comfortable, follow the rest of Wellington's corporate clique and wear some sneakers!

Toes. They're just wrong.

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