Sunday, February 20, 2011

NRW challenge - week 2

This week was slightly more challenging, but I'm still confident about completing the third week. Perhaps thinking I could go longer was a bit ambitious. Also, it's kinda boring not being able to wear the things I love for a while.

Have a look at week 2. Something I have learnt from this so far is that I really do need to iron some of my clothes. But who has time for that!

I wasn't happy about Thursday, but needed to save some good items for next week, lest there be sackage. I love how the cat is in most of these photos, if not at my feet then on the bed. He gets a bit concerned if I am doing things that don't involve him and meows at me - that's why he's getting a pat in Thursday's photo.

Also, I bought a couple of new things this week that I'm absolutely DYING to wear but can't until this crazy challenge is over. Let this week go fast!

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