Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 2 - PHOTOS

Agree with Hazel, Week 2 was a breeze more or less.

But now it is Monday of Week 3, I've had basically no sleep all weekend and this challenge is beginning to get ridiculous. I almost flaked this morning but at last minute managed to get my head on straight again.

It's not the lack of clothes that I'm having issues with, it's the lack of winning combinations. I'm beginning to think I'll have to see the rest of the week out with white shirts/t shirts because I know they're compatible with pretty much anything.

Luckily its hot enough I don't need a cardigan because I'm having to resort to those which probably belong in a grandmother's closet. And on the subject of cardi's, our charming Hazel labelled me as a cardigan whore last week. Can't blame her really.....

Anyhoo here's the results of Week Two. A bit more colour you will see.

Day six
Day seven
Day eight

Day nine

Day ten

 Ironing could be a good idea right now.....

Sunday, February 20, 2011


One good thing about moving and having subsequently become a bus rider is that you get alot of observing time. If you dare look at people on the bus you will notice that everyone is averting their eyes, because god forbid anyone should make eye contact with a stranger.

This has caused some good effects - like seeing a cool dress in the window of Dotti for a couple of weeks, becoming obsessed with buying it, and then buying it. Oh the satisfaction! I have also observed some toe-related tragedies that gretly displeased me.

Firstly, there was a girl walking to work. General work wear going on, nothing to strange. Checking out her emsemble... nice top, skirt, stockings.... GASP! and there it was, crime of all crimes, she was wearing jandals with stockings! Obviously jandals are super for comfort while walking to work. I do it all the time. But if you're wearing stockings, maybe give up on them for a day. Wear some flats! Doesn't that make more sense?? Surely the slipperyness of stockings alone take away the comfort of the jandal. and then there's the gripping... it's just wrong.

So then I'm off the bus, waling to work, looking at people's clothes. This lady infront of me is carrying her shoes in a plastic bag. So naturally I look down to see what she has on her feet. I didn't think I could come across anything down there that would compete with ol stocking-jandal from before... oh how I was wrong.

This woman is wearing toe shoes.

Those creepy rubber-glove-like things that apparently are more natural to walk and run in. Technology is really taking a backward step with these things. Even if they are ergonomically correct, they're just creepy! Surely some engineer can come up with something that creates comfort while maintaining a humanoid look. These things make you look amphibian! Even Aquaman would be creeped out by these things. I don't care what the great Larry Diamond says, frogs are not sexy and we are not and should not be related to them in any way or shape. And it's not like this lady was running a frickin marathon to work. It's Lambton Quay lady! If you're gonig to wear something ugly on the way to work to be comfortable, follow the rest of Wellington's corporate clique and wear some sneakers!

Toes. They're just wrong.

NRW challenge - week 2

This week was slightly more challenging, but I'm still confident about completing the third week. Perhaps thinking I could go longer was a bit ambitious. Also, it's kinda boring not being able to wear the things I love for a while.

Have a look at week 2. Something I have learnt from this so far is that I really do need to iron some of my clothes. But who has time for that!

I wasn't happy about Thursday, but needed to save some good items for next week, lest there be sackage. I love how the cat is in most of these photos, if not at my feet then on the bed. He gets a bit concerned if I am doing things that don't involve him and meows at me - that's why he's getting a pat in Thursday's photo.

Also, I bought a couple of new things this week that I'm absolutely DYING to wear but can't until this crazy challenge is over. Let this week go fast!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 1 - PHOTOS

I said there would be photos and here they are, albeit rather crap. But hey, my bedroom is more of a sauna than a catwalk or photography studio. 

And no you can't see my face because it's 10pm and I just washed my hair without bothering to brush it.

Wow, I really do wear a lot of black and peach. Time to bust out the blues I think!

Better go buy a potato sack, just in case this mission fails miserably....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

nrw challenge - week 1

I'm pretty confident at this point. Possibly due to the fact that I have so many dresses. And after the expensive but worthwhile purchase of a blazer before I started the new job I can turn just about any dress into corporate wear.

But Angeli has a good point. Some careful consideration is in order when choosing a combination outfit like a skirt and top. You might have a top that looks great with a particular skirt, but maybe it also goes with something else that's not so easy to mix and match. You don't want to waste two versatile items just because they look good together and be left with mismatching at the end of the challenge. Let's have a look at how I did this week. No photo for monday. Also, I have the same funny look on my face in just about all of these photos, maybe something to work on there!

I don't know what I'm going to do with my hands when I get to day 11, but I might have bigger fish to fry by then! We will see.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 1 of the no-repeat

So I've been completely useless and haven't got around to taking a single photo this week, but I DO however remember what I've worn each day, so at least I can prove my success so far (as if I'd ever  repeat within four days though...)

  • Monday - black skinny pants, white top with black polka dots, and a grey cardi with black lace embellishments
  • Tuesday - Black stockings, rose lace skirt, black t-shirt and black cardi with peach military details
  • Wednesday - Purple stockings, black tutu skirt, long black t-shirt with...fancy pants neckline which is beyond written description, and a cream tie-back cardi
  • Thursday - Black and grey pencil skirt, beige patterned tank, and short sleeve black cardi

I could've made that all up but there will be photographic evidence to follow!

I told Hazel on Monday that I'd be best to stagger my favourites throughout the challenge or risk getting highly depressed as my workwear gradually slid towards potato sacks. Well I failed at that. Only four days and I've already worn my two beloved Modcloth skirts!! Good one Angeli.

So, I'm going to take this challenge one step further and see if i can wear a different cardigan everyday. Think its possible Haze?

Friday tomorrow, us bloggers are out for a drink after work so I'm thinking something a bit cheeky.

Watch this space.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The no-repeat workday

I've just started a new job and it's... let's just say, it's not providing the creative outlet that I have previously enjoyed. Therefore, I have come up with a personal challenge and of course my good friend Angeli is joining me on this fashion adventure.

The Rock (if you listen to the radio, which I don't. It falls into the few things on my HATES list), nevertheless, they try to make it slightly less tedious by bringing you what they call the "no-repeat workday". Well New Zealand radio, you can suck it! We are about to attempt a three-week period of no-repeat work wear. I've said before I might have a few too many clothes, and my lovely bf has opined that I could probably make it through a good six months without wearing the same thing twice. Since downgrading to a single wardrobe from a spacious double, I'm starting to belive that maybe it is actually true - there is such a thing as too many clothes. Well they're about to come in handy, as we delve into the challenge of all fashoin challenges.

Most girls you know will wear a cycle of about seven outfits over a couple of weeks. Some favourites will make it in there twice in the cycle. Some things you buy and have not seen the light of day since the first "anticipation wear". Seemed like a good idea at the time to buy the same skirt in two colours, but how often do you really wear the bright version compared to the standard black. (Or am I the only one that does that?)

So anyway, here are the conditions. Excluded from the challenge are:
  • supplementary items such as belts, tights/stockings, shoes (etc) - these are necessary items to shjush (how the hell do you spell that?) up an outfit
  • arbitrary items such as cardys and blazers/coats - they add to the look of an outfit, but generally you take them off once you get inside the office.
Since I've only been at the new job for a week, hopefully these people won't notice that my clothing is going to take a slow degradation into the "dregs" of the wardrobe. (Literally, the dregs would be pretty sub-standard as far a work clothes go. I think if it got to the point of ugly/unironed/out-of-date or overly casual clothes, I've already failed.) Somehow, I don't think they're going to notice.

As an aside, you know how YOU know that you're repeating a cycle of outfits every week and you think that everyone else is going to start sniggering behind your back? Well they're not. They're probably too worried about their own clothes. Or, y'know, actual problems in life.

So it's on. I forgot to take a photo before I stripped away my corporate skin and slipped into something in which to lounge. But it was "the red dress". I only have one of them, so if you see it in subsequent updates we will both know that I have failed. But that's not going to happen. In a personal, ok, let's face it, ANY challenge, I'm not the type to fail unless I'm actually crap at the task. Owning and wearing clothes I can manage!