Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best. Shoes. EVER

I recently became the owner of the best pair of shoes ever. Don’t be jealous. Ok do. My lovely bf bought them for me for Christmas after a blatant hint while in the shoe shop on another agenda, although at the time my “ooh, these are nice” were met with a “they are waaay too expensive”. How my heart sank. I probably would never have bought them for myself because honestly they were way too expensive for what is reminiscent of a school shoe. You should have seen the look of joy on my face when a shoe box-shaped gift appeared in my hands. What a gem.

But the shoes! Oh, the shoes! I don’t fall too easily into quirky fashion traps, especially if I think they won’t be around for too long and possibly won’t even look good. But I was right on the money with these brogues. Celebs have been pulling them off for a while, but they are a totally transitional shoe. I can see myself wearing these every day – the only reason I don’t is because I don’t want to wear them out. I’ve already worn them more times than last year’s Christmas shoes, which were to die for, but I just don’t have an excuse to wear bombshell heels every day.

Brogues, especially if they have a bit of a heel for a boost, are the ultimate mix of comfort and chic. They look good with just about anything. They’re fancy enough to wear out (again, especially if they have some heel) without having the urge to chop your feet off halfway through the night because you’d rather have bloody stumps than make the plebeian move of taking your heels off in public. They are perfect for work. They are fabulous with jeans. You can accessorise them with cute socks, down play them with black stockings, or (if you get nice enough ones, like my glorious EOS Italian leather beauties) you can wear them with bare feet without hobbling around with half a box of plasters on your feet.

As pointed out by one informant, they work particularly well with feminine attire. The ol’ fashion juxtaposition. Well it’s true friends. Mix your brogues with a cute dress and you’re onto a fashion gold mine. Add a cute or quirky sock and you’re on your way to my fashion heroes list. (ok, there may not actually be a list, but I love people that aren’t afraid to try something out of the square and pull it off with confidence.)

There’s no clear way to finish this post. I could rant on for another page or two. But you get it. I love the brogues. Loves. Them. And I only want for you to share in the joy.

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