Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jack of All Trades

Yes I know I write about music a lot, but it's awesome, maybe even more awesome than clothes. Except you can't wear music. Anyway, please do enjoy some clips throughout today's rant for your listening/viewing pleasure :)

A lot of the fashiony things Haze and I ramble about are inspired by actors and actresses, the wealthy wenches of the world. But lately I have been discovering a number of surprisingly good musical ventures fronted by these very same people. I guess we don't expect hollywood heart-throbs to possess any kind of talent other than looking good and being able to read lines. Having the ability to play instruments and sing well too? Now that just seems greedy.

You all know I'm a fan of Gossip Girl. I know the characters on it are entirely ridiculous for their age, but there are lots of shiny, pretty things! When I found out Little J Jenny Humphrey, AKA Taylor Momsen fronted a band, I cringed. Probably some bubblegum pop group that will make me want to hurl. Upon hearing The Pretty Reckless' first single "Make me Wanna Die" however, I was pleasantly surprised. Think a young Courtenay Love, who doesn't suck. That Taylor can sing, can growl, in a sexy rock'n'roll way that makes me totally envious.
Oh, it's probably been jacked up to sound amazing, I thought. She will sound terrible unplugged. Boy I was wrong. That growl sounds just as seductive in an acoustic setting. Aaaand she plays guitar! Damn that talented 17 year-old bitch!

When I watched the Notebook, I was expecting to be drowning in tears and doing that embarrassing "I-i-i c-c-can-can't t-a-a-t-a-l-l-k-kk' sobbing thing. YAWN. Sorry folks, the only thing that kept me watching was my darling Ryan Gosling. Yes he's a handsome man, and in my opinion a damn good actor. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he is in fact one half of a little band known as Dead Man's Bones. I had the same pre-conception about hearing Ryan sing as I did with Taylor.

Holy bejesus. 

Out comes this deep, crooning, baritone voice, reminiscent of a young Elvis Presley. And the music style is this random mash of ghosts and circuses and haunted carnival rides. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Gosling just scored about a bazillion brownie points in my books.

The Jack of All Trades syndrome goes both ways. I know Hazel and others will scoff at me for this, but I totally rate Justin Timberlake as a decent actor. Sure he makes wussy ass music, but you can't deny that he has a good voice (and some sweet dance moves). Not only does Timberlake do a good cartoon character (Artie in Shrek 3, Boo Boo in Yogi Bear), but he was also watchable in Black Snake Moan. And Alpha Dog? Hands down, I thought his performance was pretty damn awesome. Check him out as a young Elton John too:

We all know the crossovers aren't always success stories though. That idiot Lindsay Lohan should have shot herself before attempting to launch her music career. And J Ho oops I mean J Lo? Well. She's not even worth mentioning because she has about as much talent as a toe.

So, I hope today's rant has opened your eyes a little to how much talent some people possess. And if you know of any other hollywood-ites who make some wicked tunes, let us know, me and Haze are always keen to discover new sounds!

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