Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drop it like it's... crotch?

Really New Zealand? We’re going there are we? Really??

Today Angeli walked into Supre only to be surrounded by drop-crotch/loose/harem pants. The first three square metres of shop was overwhelmed by the things. We’ve had this discussion before, have we not? I thought I had established a clear shift away from these monstrocities? Is nobody listening?

Apparently not.

As we walked past the first poo-pant encampment we cracked up. I think the words “ew, those pants” may have slipped from someone’s lips. And Then! Then some girl behind me says to her friend “oh I love those pants!”.


Maybe it’s a sign of aging, but ever since the famous $7.50 sale last year I have failed to find anything of interest to me in Supre. They used to have a good range of “crappy fast fashion for the youth”, general articles for work and a few “finds” dresses etc that were genuinely good. That just doesn’t seem to be happening lately. I’ve had more luck at Jay Jays recently – which I used to think was all teeny bopper tees and well, that was about all I thought – but they have some really cool dresses and skirts for like $40! Not just a million articles of the same ilk in different colours.

As per usual, my rant has steered away from my point.

The pants. I’m still not over the last rant on pants. But these ones are that much worse. This awful trend is affecting my gender. My people! I do not want to see you on the edge of this slippery slope! Supre is calling them “Summer Pants”. That seems like a pretty general term. How about Fugliness-which-hides-your-thighs-before-you-get-in-shape-for-the-height-of-Summer Pants?

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