Monday, November 15, 2010

do these come with bacon?

Potato wedges. One of the tastiest most delicious melt-in-your-mouth meals I can think of. All that crispy baked goodness, smothered in melted cheese, sour cream, tomato sauce, and mixed in with sizzling bacon.

Excuse me while I go and clean up the drool.

YES I LOVE WEDGES.... when they're going in my belly. But shoe wedges? Uh uh, i'm afraid these get a tsk tsk from me. Somehow this shoe fashion just keeps coming back, and they never get any better. There are a few styles that I can admire from afar, such as the sleek black dress wedge, but lets face it, the majority of them are cork ridden and just shout "trailer trash".

Acceptable Wedges :)
I don't even understand the practicality of them. Sure, they may be a whole lot more comfortable than your classic stiletto, but they look far too casual to wear to work or out partying. Which really only leaves the option of prancing around on the street, strolling along the waterfront, or at home. And why would you bother wearing 'heels' in any of these locations? Well unless you're one of the SATC girls....

Unacceptable wedges :( UGH

This reminds me of a gift someone once gave me -  silver jandals...with a heel. A HEEL!!! Who came up with such idiocy? I can't even find a picture of them, that's how stupid they were.

Back to my wedge rant.

This season in the shops, the wedge has mutated into some kind of I'm-going-to-obliterate-your-feet-beast. The foot becomes lost in a mass of bulky black suede or a tangled web of strapped horror. I always picture Brittany Daniel playing that trashy white girl on Joe Dirt... she may be 'hot' by trailer park standards but that's not really saying much is it.

Usually I love a trip into Wild Pair, they ALWAYS have shoes to fit my carny feet and at a reasonable price. But this summer ... doing it wrong! I don't even want to look in the window at the moment because of the crimes in there.

Shoe Crimes @ Wild Pair
I'm not saying all wedges are wrong, in fact I just bought back a pair from Sydney. But they should be subtle and elegant, not like you accidentally stood in a log.

Now I want to eat wedges....dammit


  1. Haha,
    I remember those silvery Jandal things, didn't you get them from mama. I think you wore them a grand total of no times. Awesome

  2. I agree and disagree. Sure, chunky cork wedges and outrageously strappy or coloured wedges make you look like you have painted hooves. However, a sleek tapered wedge whether it's black or faux wood are perfect for work. They look like a heel from behind and are so much more comfortable to walk in. The other FAB thing about a wedge heel is that it's perfect for summer. No stilettos stuck in the grass or sand. You can go to events like the races or toast without having to take your heels off 2 minutes into the thing AND continue to walk properly. that is all.

  3. no actually I have more. check these out. I'm in loathe with them. They're absolutely mad, but so freakin Gwen I almost want them, or at least to try them on to see just how fail the endeavor really is (the black&white version on tab 3)

  4. I have to say that i love the wedge ( both food wedge and shoe wedge ) I have a number of wedges in different colours. However, the tacky cork wedge or the dominatrix wedge not so much.
    The older i get the less i can force myself to wear stiletto's and the more i find myself in the wedge :-)