Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wellington welcomes Topshop

Six months after opening the doors (and quickly selling out) in its Auckland store, Topshop has finally made its way to Wellington. You would not believe my excitement when I read the news. Feelings of “bloody Auckland getting all the good shops mutter mutter” and “well it’s about time” were tsunami’d by excitement. Who can I tell? I thought. Who is at work at this time that will appreciate the news?
It didn’t take long to find someone! And after a bit of meercatting the news soon spread.

Topshop “opens” in Wellington on Saturday (16 October) as a line within the Karen Walker store on Wakefield Street. This caused three slight snuffs of the fashion flames that were a-burnin. Firstly, this means it’s only a selection of items. They will be selected weekly by Karen Walker. For me this says it will be some of the more expensive lines (in a Stuff interview, KW says it will be an “ultimate edit of the best of Topshop”. As I read that line, dollar signs began to replace the letters.

Secondly, a weekly turnaround is not a lot of time to get down there and get the things you want while they are in stock – will there be regular updates on the Karen Walker website? And then adding to this, the store is on Wakefield Street. This is relatively far away for me. I don’t care about the rest of you or where you work. This about me! I can’t get down to Wakefield Street and back in my lunchbreak. I work on the Terrace – my domain is generally Lambton Quay or maybe as far as Cuba for a special mission, usually on a Friday when my lunch hour is fairly liberal. This means a Saturday mission. The line is replenished on Tuesdays, I can get there on Saturdays... you can see my dilemma.

This weekend the store within a store opens and KW will be stocked with only Topshop clothes. I can only imagine something from a movie scene, crowds practically busting down the doors to get in, the racks emptied in a matter of minutes. I’m taking my heaviest handbag so I can smack some pushy fashion bitches down. Take no prisoners! This is war.

So, despite these things (most of which pertain specifically to me), this is a huge win for Wellington! Thank you Karen for bringing the greatness that is Topshop to my world. I’m sure you will all be hearing a lot more about it post-weekend fashion frenzy.


  1. You do realise in London Top shop isn't actually a decent shop. It is usually full of overly glitzy tacky stuff. That said I did find a good hat for 5 squids there

  2. I do realise TopShop isn't high fashion - most of us can't afford high fashion anyway. What it does off is fast fashion - and at a reasonable price. It also means that we'll be getting trends as they hit London stores, rather than 6 months later.