Friday, September 17, 2010


I so envy people that can wear glasses and make them look fab. I, as a spectacle wearer, find it hard to go out wearing mine without feeling self conscious. You’d think after more than 10 years having to wear the things and $600 spent on D&G frames I’d feel comfortable being bespectacled. But it’s quite the opposite.
Friends of mine with perfect eyesight have often “dreamed” of being able to wear glasses and I’ll be damned if they don’t suit them too. Do they not realise the immense pain-in-the-assery of having to wear glasses if you actually have poor eyesight? How insensitive!

Magazines and optician posters make wearing glasses look sexy and intelligent (and despite what my lovely bf says, as a big endorser of me wearing my glasses) it just doesn’t do it for me. Sometimes I feel like a less attractive person just because my eyes are tired and I don’t want to wear my contacts one day.

It was even worse working in a bar. I actually called in sick one day because I had bung eye and would have had to wear my glasses to work. I know bartenders both male and female who wear glasses all the time, but it wasn’t for me. My boss was pretty concerned with his bartenders looking good so he’d never seen me wearing my glasses for over two years. One random day I saw him in the supermarket car park and he yelled at me from his car “nice glasses four eyes”. What a great guy.

Is it the same for guys? Or do they just always look smart and sexy, like the glossies would have you believe. I always think guys that wear (trendy) glasses look good but it’s different for women. Maybe if you’re perfectly preened: silky hair, flawless skin, expensive clothes – you can pull it off with an air of confidence. But who actually looks like that?!

The problem with designer glasses is that they are a) expensive and b) change with fashion. Not as quickly as any other clothing or accessory trend by any means, but they a good pair of frames will set you back more than your average attire. These are investment pieces (much like a certain pair of boots – but more on that later!)

As advised for most things we talk about on Debris, it’s important to buy something that suits your face and makes you feel good about wearing them. Having something chic or retro might look good in theory, but if you feel like a mong wearing them it will show through. Other people will think you look like a mong.

Maybe it is a case of confidence. It seems like an overly simple solution – and one I haven’t quite mastered yet – but when you exude a confident energy, people are likely to think you somehow deserve it and respect it.

I wonder what would happen if I wore my contacts and empty frames? Having the confidence of perfect vision might allow me to wear glasses with the attitude that they require.

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  1. dammit Hazel you look way awesome with specs. If it makes you feel better i'll do a one show only of mine. But you will be sworn to secrecy.