Thursday, September 9, 2010

plaid and simple

If plaid flannel shirts scream farmer to you, think again. If it says 90s-grunge-reemergance you’re on the right track. If it says “get on the train Hazel, I already stocked up last season”, you’re already at the station.

It’s a bit of a recurring theme from last year’s winter season. This is not your down-on-the-farm Swanny or I-just-emerged-from-under-a-car-in-Boganville type, but the I-live-in-the-city-and-this-is-about-as-grungy-as-I-get fashion plaid.

I rather enjoy them myself. How long ago was it that the return of grunge was predicted on this very blog? Not so long as I recall. But I’m sure everyone saw it coming, the 80s could only make a resurgence for so long. It’s 2010 no people, the 20-year cycle suggests that our base fashion should move with the times.

What I love about plaid is the comfort it evokes. It reminds me of more innocent times; when it didn’t seem creepy that Luke Perry was a 30-something playing a high school kid and banging teenagers, soft flannel, Kurt Cobain, and the epic grunginess that followed. And as reminiscent as it may be it’s worked itself back into our regular wardrobes.

Of late, we’re seeing the longer shirty-dressy variety (worn over skinny jeans or tights) and tailored at the waist, but you can also get shorter meet-the-waistine tops. The thing is, you can embrace the 90s without actually reverting back. Fashion evolves for a reason! As much as we all love the Fresh Prince, some things are best left in the past – here’s looking at you Ashley Banks circa 1994.

I think plaid and jeans will forever be for the win, although I would advise against just raiding your boyfriend’s wardrobe and wearing it open over a white singlet – as tempting as it may be. And of course the fabrics are much more pleasant these days. As much as snugly flannel reminds me of hugging my dad, “hugging your dad” isn’t the key to a fashion revival.
Lighter fabrics make for less bunching (if it’s tailored) and less hot flushes (if it’s summer), so something cotton and cool is the money. And that’s what you’ll see in the shops. The great thing about a plaid shirt is that it’s a bit of a staple now, so you can get something relatively cheap. As always, Glassons, Wild Pair and surf/skate shops like Amazon are good bets for of-the-moment, reasonably priced fashion. Just because Alexander Mcqueen was the king of plaid, doesn’t mean you have to pay $400 to be part of the fad.

Ha! Rhyming is great.

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