Tuesday, September 14, 2010

commencing stealth mode

1. Flying Without Wings - Westlife
2. Confessions of a Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan
3. Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor

Not exactly the trendiest songs around are they? You'd only ever catch me listening to these....well never because they are that thing we all have. Guilty Pleasures. Unless you're a ninja, these types of songs will never be exposed because they're locked in a cemented vault inside my iMac. Only to emerge when NOONE is around to hear me singing my heart out.

Everyone's got guilty pleasure songs. But what I've realised recently is that I seem to be accumulating a fairly decent sized list of guilty pleasure fashion items...

I'm talking about those off-centre items you see around, where your brain goes "whaaat, pffft who'd ever wear those!". The more you see them though, the more you think you might actually want them. But its too late, you already dissed them! Don't want to be a hypocrite now do we.

A prime example is the grunge boot that has been gracing our stores of late. When Debris first blogged about "Dirty Boots", I scoffed. SCOFFED! HA! What ridiculous things be these making pretty girls clod hop around our streets? But now I have started to covet them... God knows when I'd wear them but oh they just look so trendy. I actually tried a pair on, and decided I didn't like them. Now I'm actually wondering if I just told myself that because I was too scared to admit I owned some.

As far as guilty pleasures go, the boots were done fairly publicly. But there are other things which have floated in and out of my peripheral vision which I only dare to look at with full stealth mode activated.

There's those crazy bright skinny jeans which you see in the shops and head straight past. Well guess what. I actually wouldn't mind owning a pair of bright purple pants! AAAAND. Guess what even more? I even think these tartan pants are cool!

This week I pulled my ninja gear on and sneakied out on my lunch break. Well I came back with a skirt which I keep intending to wear but to be honest I'm anxious as to how it's gonna go down... Not sure if a black tutu-esque skirt is all that cool :/

I usually end up staring at my guilty pleasures for a few weeks and buying some kind of watered down version. It makes me feel better without looking entirely ridiculous. We all know that the best songs for stealth mode are the ones which made it big for five seconds. Well I guess the same is true for fashion guilty pleasures... in a few months all the aforementioned items will be slumming it on TradeMe - just waiting to enter someone else cemented vault of sneakiness.

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