Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock-it Ma'am

In some fantasy world, where anything can happen, I am a rock star.....the sassy lead singer, hanging out with the boys. So I can't sing very well or play more than three chords on my measly 3/4 size guitar... but I can still dream. Don't tell me you never thought the same thing!

Ever since the first time all those moons ago when I saw Gwen strutting her stuff with No Doubt, I wanted to be one of those rocker chicks. And the biggest reason I can think of other than just wanting to be famous.....is because rockers get to have all the fashion fun.
In any other walk of life, such styles would look ridiculous and most likely slutty... but when rock stars are posing with the band or running round a stage, it just looks.....cool. If I see a dude with a mohawk on the street, that just looks yuk. But as soon as its Mr 30 Seconds Leto or the oh so adorable Noah Puckerman (hello Gleeks!), well I'm all over that shit. Hell even that weirdo Maynard James Keenan (frontman Tool) can rock a 'hawk.

I just finished watching all four seasons of Skins, and even though Effy Stonem dresses like a right tart, she manages to make me 100% envious. Sure, she's got that whole mysteriously sexy thing going on.... but I am entirely jealous that a girl wearing fishnets, boots, loose tops and LOTS of black can look so damn sophisticated!! If I rocked out on the street wearing such items.....well I probably wouldn't get where I'm going in one piece..

Same goes for 16 year old Taylor Momsen (also featured in Fashion on the Box as Jenny Humphrey). I find it a little disturbing that her band The Pretty Reckless consists of herself and three much older looking chaps.... but like Effy she gets away with all kinds of nasties I would not normally tolerate.
Obviously I'm in the wrong business if I want to pull off the rocker look, so in the meantime I guess the Haze and I are trying our best to sneak touches of it in here and there at the office. We can have a lot of fun with our stockings and jewellery I suppose, and today I bought a Effy-ish dress which I will proudly show off in the next few days. Boots are also a good way of slipping in a bit of superstardom, even if they do cost an arm and a leg. For a bit more fun I guess we'll have to wait for parties and towning.. But if I ever want to go the whole nine yards? Better keep working on that 3/4 guitar....

(or marry Jared Leto)


  1. I Knew instantly you wrote this one cause it had a picture of your wanna be husband. Addict.
    And yes I even saw the final note. Addict times 2. Good to see you name dropped Maynard.

  2. yeah and I bet you ogling at Taylor Momsen....