Saturday, August 7, 2010

cut it out

I’ve been avoiding shops for a while; after having a birthday and a few other events recently the spending kitty has been somewhat depleted. However a quick visit to just two stores on Friday served notice of what is obviously a highly celebrity-fuelled trend – cut out dresses.
I say celebrity fuelled because it’s the middle of winter in NZ, most of us are trying to keep any pesky gaps in clothing covered up, rather than purposely exposing flesh. You might say spring is on the way and winter stock is getting scarcer, but spring is notoriously cold around here and I don’t see this year being any different.

SO the cut-out dress. Not a look I’d personally go for. With cut outs in all the wrong places (read: where winter fat has been deposited) it could be muffin top, side and back. Muffin anything is never a good look, so I can’t see anyone but the physically impeccable embracing this style.

Of course there are those that always ignore what fashion tries to withhold from them. Boob-tube muffin anyone? Lycra over rolls? Yes you’ve seen it and felt squeamish. Commented to someone near that That girl should not be wearing That dress. Don’t pretend you’re above judgement!

Well this season is obviously going to provide a few of us with some light chuckles, as those who just shouldn’t just can’t help themselves. The pubs are going to be filled with a bit of cheeky skin. The streets alight with winter paleness. Don’t feel bad if you feel the need to placed an icey drink-cooled hand on it just to teach them a lesson in appropriate winter garb. I’ll support your move.

For those who are game, Supre and Lippy have a few offerings. And I’m sure others will follow suit. A simple [read: not so flesh-revealing] way to follow the trend if you must is a cute heart-shaped keyhole or cut-out back, or something with lace inserts rather than plain-old holes. Just please don’t let me see your bra strap in the gap. Some things are supposed to remain underwraps.

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