Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Something you may not know: Despite my current employment situation, I actually hold a Bachelor of Design majoring in Illustration. So, while I avoided the bitch-pit that is Fashion Design, I still managed to maintain a love for the industry. And one aspect in particular, which many may not be aware of, is that of fashion illustration.

Being somewhat rubbish at drawing the human anatomy, I completely envy those that not only have an in-depth understanding of it, but can take the human body, distort it,  add a splash of colour and voila, a masterpiece. I could spend hours trawling through illustration books admiring the artistic skill of some illustrators.

Fashion illustration goes beyond a few sketches to jot down an idea for a collection; it also plays a major role in the marketing and advertisement of some clothing labels. Successful illustrations don't need to depict an item of clothing in absolute detail - as long as it is done with flair and conveys an emotion, it'll sell.

Anyway, rather than me writing you all an essay on the ins and outs of fashion illustration, I'd just like to show some pieces of work which I find completely awesome and inspiring. Enjoy :)

Julie Verhoeven

Marguerite Sauvage

Bella Pilar

 David Pfendler
One of my favourites - Stina Persson. I attempted this amazing look once, it worked out OK but nothing this incredible!
Patrick Morgan

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