Monday, July 5, 2010

bike chic

As the proud new owner of a retro BMX, I’ve started to ponder about the more important elements of the cycling world – looking cool. Let’s face it; I wouldn’t be buying a bike if it was a ten-speed or some chunky mountain bike. You can buy the flashest bike in the world and still look like a geek on wheels.

There’s something about the BMX that’s still cool, even if the last one you had was in the 80s or 90s, (complete with glo-yellow Pro Cycle helmet). The last bike I had was pretty rudimentary and I wasn’t one for riding it much. I walked about five kilometres to school every day rather than biking – I liked to have fancy hair. And I still do; in a less worm-inspired but equally hairspray-dependent way.

And therein lies the problem. Once you start thinking about hair, what about the rest of the components that create my finished look. The whole point of buying the bike was so I could ride it to my mates’ place when we’re drinking to avoid drunk-driving my car. I was thinking, with the wearing of a helmet (so uncool, but necessary I suppose) I’d have to cart around a few essential hair products to fix up what mess said skull protection imposes upon me. And then! “What of skirts?” I began to wonder. What of the short dresses and skirts I so like to wear? What of low-cut skinny jeans and the unveiling of butt crack that occurs upon bending? These are the problems I am to be faced with on my first bike excursion.

So what do you go for? I suppose most tops these days are long enough to cover the bummage. And I suppose it’s winter so I wear tights under my skirts. So maybe I don’t need to invest in some snazzy culottes; but is it going to be that I must endure flat hair for the rest of my drunk-cycling days? (However long that turns out to be. I have been known to change my mind rather quickly and leave in the wake of my indecision a trail of unused hobby paraphernalia and a wardrobe stuffed with unworn clothes.)

As it is, I haven’t taken it further than the top of the driveway. We have an awfully large hill which meets a busy intersection and somehow I don’t think brakes from the 80s are going to cut it. However I do hope my purchase is not a passing fad. My mum gave my old bike away to another kid while I was still at high school and I was totally indignant – how dare she give away my bike! Without even telling me! My indignation subsided rather quickly when she informed me it had been a good year since she gave it away.

Anyway, if you’re at all interested in cycling and fashion there’s an entire blog dedicated to it Seems like these ladies are managing to keep their skirts down, although they are in Copenhagen (the City of Spires) not Wellington (kindly known as the Windy City).

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