Tuesday, July 13, 2010

attack of the clones (part two)

So the other day I'm walking down the top end of Cuba Street in Wellers. Anyone who knows Wellington knows that Cuba comes in two parts - the commercial, chain store end (Glassons, Hallensteins, $2 shop etc)..... and the eccentric, alternative upper end. This is the end where you find cute little boutique stores and somewhat scary tattoo parlours. The end where folk drifting around look somewhat scruffy in that gypsy, musician kind of way. And most importantly, the end where you never expect to see 15 year old clones.

Oh did I say clones? I meant girls.

Well, they might as well have been clones. There were three of them, all wearing the same thing. Awful pale denim-look high waisted skirts, slightly oversized 80's style blazers, white canvas shoes. And those.....what are they even called. The thing where you get out of the shower and aren't sure what to do with your mop of hair so you tie it in a knot on top of your head. Except I'm pretty sure these girls had not just washed their hair. Fail.

This gets more amusing. As they are walking down the street, they stop and say hi to another girl they know. And guess what their friend is wearing? Yes everyone, there was indeed a fourth clone.

I get that you are likely to have similar tastes to your friends, but surely people are sensible enough to know that wearing the same thing is just lame? Me and the Haze often see things and think oh that's cool, I'd like that. But do you see us wearing ANYTHING the same??? 

I confess, a friend and I own the same pair of boots. But good boots are hard to come by! And we don't strut around like The Monkeys so everyone can see how awesomely coordinated we are. And yes Hazel and I own a very similar necklace, but we must be smart enough to not wear them on the same day.

I don't how many times its been said in this blog, but don't just buy clothes because they are the current trend or because Regina, Gretchen & Karen are all wearing it. Buy something because its a little bit different and you look awesome in it! Noone wants to be one of the plastics now do they.

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  1. Hi Beetle,

    Thats really well written I like it. Can i get some high waisted pants for christmas