Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion on the box

Six months ago, when  people asked me if I watched Gossip Girl, I gave them a blank look and shrugged my shoulders. Rather unusual for me, the girl who can spend days watching marathons of The Hills, The OC or Gilmore Girls. Somehow this portion of girly drama slipped from my radar.

That was until my dear friend lent me her Season 1 DVD set. Within 2 episodes I was lost in the glorious world of the Upper East Siders and most importantly, their seemingly neverending wardrobes.

Never before have I been so envious of the clothes seen on screen. Forget the fact that these kids are supposedly in school and underage - I WANT IN ON THE ACTION. Ok so maybe clopping around school in 3 inch heels is not my idea of a picnic but boy do those girls look fashionable. Blair Waldorf in her preppy, upper class ensembles and to-die-for shiny locks; Serena Van Whatsernamenow in her laid back leather jackets and tousled blonde hair; Jenny Humphrey in her rocker style minis. Call me lame but these lasses have become a bit of an influence on my wardrobe of late.

Number one item from the elite side of New York fashion to make its way into my wardrobe is the coloured stocking. OK, so Hazel busted this one out long before I saw it on the box, but seeing the gorgeous bright legs on those gals - how could I resist? Not so brave yet as to don the canary yellow or ruby red, but I'm pleased to say that purple, grey, AND the houndstooth are now regulars in my work outfits, along with an increasing collection of patterns. Take that, solid black!

Also in the list is the cute, Blair Waldorf cardigan. Maybe the ones I picked up in Melbourne are not quite as sophisticated (and definitely not of the same pedigree) but I'm quite pleased with the splash of 'cute' they add. The details make them - whether they be little white bows or subtle military style trimmings, polka dots or mini pockets, its nice to own something a little more special than your stock-standard Glassons cardi.  

While I will never be wealthy enough (damn lack of Trust Fund) to partake in the kinds of shopping sprees these girls do, its nice to have something to keep an eye out for in the shops. (Next on my hit list is a colourful winter trench coat)  You may laugh but there are entire websites dedicated to the couture of this teen hit show. 

I'm just not looking forward to the day I run out of Gossip Girl and have to revert back to taking fashion tips from the Simpsons. Orange dress and spiky hair anyone??


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