Monday, April 12, 2010

We partied like it was 1985

As mentioned in my earlier rant about imagination-lacking costumes, Haze and I recently defied the laws of physics and travelled back in time 25 years.

Yes that’s right kids, it was an 80’s extravaganza – well, a prom to be exact. And I was not in the least bit disappointed with the effort from the fairer sex. Not one “slutty occupational” costume did I see, and even though one or two guys seem to have got the wrong decade, everyone tried.

This was one well organised costume party. Not only did the party have a theme (80’s prom), but the prom had a theme too (under the sea). Upon arrival, prom-goers strutted their stuff down a driveway, where a not-tacky-at-all cardboard archway awaited them. I tell you, this was the place to be of that night, I mean who wouldn’t want 300 photos taken of themselves amongst seaweed and anchors and a giant ‘1985'

The mood was also set by fairy lights, cut-out sea creatures, and some good old classic 80’s music. I’m sad to say there was no Safety Dance though – I guess safety is a bit lame for partying. The food was also trying hard, with fairy bread (remember the days) and of course PUNCH. That punch was great but it wasn’t my friend by the end of the night...

This was one night of partying where I wasn’t jealous of the blokes and their funky costumes. The girls had it going on with poofy-sleeves, giant bows, Frou-frou hemlines, side-ponytails....the list of excessive and hideous attire goes on. I think most of us probably felt like drag queens but my god was it a sight to behold. I think the winner of the night though was our friend Hazel, who looked like she’d walked straight out of a Roxette video. I have never seen a novelty wig look so normal on someone. And the blush, THE BLUSH!! It was awesome. And yes, I may have got a little drunk and yelled at Hazel how awesome she was about 20 times. But I’m sure she forgives.

It was a pretty dam good party, but I went and spoiled it by acquainting myself with the punch, and if you know punch, you know that it’s like drinking juice. Wiser people know to be careful with the stuff because of its often lethal ingredients but i guess I lost my wisdom somewhere along the way. Couple that with a few whiskey and dry’s and a pinch of someone else’s bourbon and it was a guaranteed disaster.

Up till the point where I required I bucket though, I have to say it was one of the most cohesive costume parties I’ve ever been to. Maybe everyone knew that it was going to be impossible to look sexy while donning monstrous sleeves and inches of eyeshadow. Or maybe the fact that invitations went out months in advance gave everyone a lot of planning time.

Whatever the reason, let’s just hope such fashions don’t venture out of the dress-up box and back into the shops!

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