Monday, April 19, 2010

obsessive much?

Two weeks after returning from a spree-filled holiday (of the shopping variety) and I’m already dissatisfied with the quantity of my purchases. Quality-wise I did an outstanding job. And even though I jostled people on the streets with bags a-laden for three days straight and struggled to close my suitcase on the way home, I’m once again struggling to find something to wear in the morning.

However I know this lacking feeling is totally psychosomatic because my drawers are obese with overindulgence and coat hangers are inestimable treasures. I saw one on the footpath the other day and almost picked it up with great excitement, until I realised how gross that would have been. I had visions of myself scuttling away with it muttering “my precioussssss” and hissing at passersby.

The reason for my dissatisfaction is most likely that I have demoted so many items from the coveted hanger positions and jammed so much into the drawers that I just can’t see how much I’ve got any more. Once favoured things are now buried beneath the rubble of my obsession fascination.

But I must have more. A new season is upon us and New Zealand shops are now filling with fresh items to long for. Shop windows plagued with desireables. Lambton Quay is a gauntlet of fancy. Yet my credit card is still reeling from our excursion across the Tasman.

I have often thought about putting little-worn things on Trademe, but that requires time and effort and giving up on items which might one day be worn again. Or in the case of a couple of pairs of heels – be worn. There is the potential of a cash incentive, but chances are it’s not going to happen any time soon.

I have also wanted a new dresser for some time now, but I fear that it will only make things worse. Perhaps more drawers in which to fit things is not the solution here. Perhaps limitation is just what the doctor ordered. But how well-dressed is this doctor, and do they understand the needs of the fashionably obsessed aware? I bet the only doctor who would order such things is a man – wearing a sneans and a sports coat from the 70s. With elbow patches. And sock gap.

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